Friday, 25 November 2011

Jack Shepherd’s life in Australia is good. However, the arrival of a letter from England threatens to blow his comfortable life apart.
The only way he can unearth the truth, is to fly to London as soon as possible.

 Young Celia huddles in the back of a taxi, with no recollection as to how she got there. On arrival at Greyache House, her sense of fear and despair increases dramatically. Shrouded in perpetual fog, the menacing property is occupied by strange and unpleasant characters. Not least the evil cat, Crudus.
The only person, who shows her any kindness, is the housekeeper, Mary.
 While taking a walk, Celia finds an old shed hidden in the woods surrounding Greyache House. Finding the shed is the catalyst, propelling Celia on a terrifying journey through the land of Dauthus, in search of the narrow path. The path that will lead her to The Shadowed Valley, beyond which is the mighty gate and safety.

 Along the way she meets John, a young man also lost and searching for the mighty gate. However, he has chosen the wrong path and is heading into grave danger. Celia persuades him to join her. As they journey together, they encounter many terrifying foes, and Celia is forced to wrestle with a tragedy that strikes deeply at her heart.
Will they survive, find the gate and regain their lives and their memories?

 Jack arrives at Heathrow airport and is met by Ted, the friend who sent the disturbing letter.
What did Ted say in the letter that triggered Jack’s urgent flight to London? What could be the link between Jack and Celia, and can Ted convince him that he is Celia’s only hope?

A Review of Bethany Jeans Book

Beautiful little book.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Review 'Pieces of Light' by Julie Cave 
I really enjoyed ‘Pieces of Light.’ Sadly it seems the final book in the Dinah Harris mystery series.

As usual the author Julie Cave takes us on an exciting journey, filled with twists and suspense.
Throughout the book the gospel is sensitively woven into the story.
I love the way the book ends!

If someone enjoys a gritty thriller, without the graphic violence and overt sex, then this is the book.

I highly recommend it. Once I started I couldn’t put it down.