Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Review of "nor iron bars a cage" by Caprice Hokstad

I've just finished reading a great book. This is the second of a trilogy. I get so involved, I hate it when I finish the book. The author writes so well that for a while I'm spoiled as far as settling down to read some one else's work. I wondered if I would feel the same when I finished this one. I did! I'm really looking forward to book three.
Having put a review on Amazon I decided to include it here as well. So, if you like a great fantasy, then this it it.

What sort of book draws you to keep reading? With characters that feel real and get inside your head. And when the book is finished you are left wanting more. It’s the book I’ve just finished.

“nor iron bars a cage” by Caprice Hokstad.

This is not your average airy fairy fantasy. In places it’s gritty and full of shocks and surprises. It’s a story of slavery, prejudice, servitude and love.

I couldn’t wait to get this, the second book in the trilogy and to meet up again with the gorgeous Duke Vahn and his beloved slave Kee. Both characters take the reader on traumatic journeys.

Kee bravely puts her life in her hands as a runaway slave and journeys to the lawless land of Ganluc, hoping to find Duke Vahn’s young son Dauntere. The child was stolen away by Vahn’s heartless ex-wife princess Saerula.

Kee is accompanied on her dangerous mission by Duke Vahn’s Captain of the castle guard, Najost Shil and his chief healer Lord Pharn Patkus. Their quest to find Dauntere leads them into great danger and suffering. It’s fortunate for both Kee and Captain Shil that the healer Lord Patkus is with them.

While they are away Duke Vahn has his own problems. His cousin the evil countess Delorae persistently pursues him. She hopes to take the place of Vahn’s departed wife Saerula.The Duke refuses her advances. Outraged the conniving Countess demands satisfaction for her so called tainted honour.

Duke Vahn supposing a duel with swords happily enquires who her champion will be. He is shocked when she insists her honour can only be satisfied by a game of Nobles and Nomads and she will play the game against him, herself.

Her confidence concerns the Duke, as unlike sword play, he is not particularly proficient at the game. And added to his misgivings, are her terms should he lose. They prove to be extremely disturbing.

“nor iron bars a cage” is a roller coaster ride, full of action, romance and some pretty deep issues. The story is compelling and beautifully written.

Most definitely a must for all lovers of fantasy.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A New Book Cover

I'm so glad I've chosen to self-publish. I wasn't sure at first, but having worked with Create Space, I now know I've made the right decision.
The new cover for the 'Shadowed Valley' is great I'm thrilled with it. I'm particularly pleased to have been able to use one of my paintings. It's so expressive of the book.
Now I wait patiently for my proof copy, and once it's all checked through it will be all systems go. I confess, I'm excited.