Friday, 27 February 2015

My review, of Back To Bienville by Melinda Matthews.

This review is from: Back To Bienville, A Journey Into Wellness (Kindle Edition)

I met the author of this book, Ms Matthews on twitter, and found her to be a lovely, positive and encouraging person.

Her book, Back To Bienville, chronicles her traumatic journey through severe illness, into health and wholeness.
Some of her spiritual experiences are quite amazing, and certainly inspiring.
The books pages are packed with helpful tips, uplifting, and sometimes challenging scripture. Her bravery shines out of each page.

Having been recently told that I have a terminal illness, I was keen to read her book, and I’m glad I did, as in many ways,I found it most beneficial. For example, I learned that it’s best to drink filtered or bottled spring water, preferably not sparkling; which I am now doing.

There were however, a couple of points I questioned.
I may have read this wrong, or quoted it incorrectly; it’s hard to check something in an eBook. However, I’m sure the author said that all sickness and disease is spiritual.
Due to my own circumstances, this statement concerned me, so I spoke to my pastor. He reassured me that it is not true. If it were, the millions of people who are sick, especially Christians like me, would be living under condemnation.
We live in a fallen world, and there will always be sickness. Not only that, everyone has to die at some point.
As my Pastor said, sometimes Christians act as though going home to heaven is a punishment, whereas it’s the most awesome thing that can happen!
I have known some wonderful Christians, one I especially remember; he was such an inspiring preacher; yet at a very young age he died of throat cancer, leaving behind a wife and children.
Yes, I do agree with the author, we have a God who heals. However, Jesus didn’t heal everyone! It’s a sad fact, some of us who are sick, at some point will die. What’s most important is, where are we going? Where will we spend eternity?

The author mentions a book, the true story of a man who goes to heaven after a dreadful accident. He’s prayed for at the scene, and returns to a body which is broken and battered. Now he lives in constant pain.
Like Ms Matthews, one would ask, why did he come back? What’s the point of his suffering?
My humble answer would be. The book he has lived to write. The blessing and encouragement it is to the millions who read it. The testimony he shares on a daily basis.
Like the apostle Paul, he can say I have a thorn in my flesh. But when I am weak, through God I am strong!

Forgive me for going off like this, but in a way it’s a complement to Ms Matthews…the profound affect her book had on me, making me think and question so many things.

I liked the spiritual symbolism she explained from a film I love, the Wizard of Oz…fascinating!

Back To Bienville, is a brilliant book, written by a brave and courageous young woman. Her personal journey through suffering and pain is truly inspirational.
I recommend it to those who are well, but especially to those who like me, find themselves on a journey with only one outcome, unless the great healer Yeshua HaMashiach intervenes