Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I eagerly awaited this book...I was not disappointed.

I loved Scribbles by Tommie Lyn, and have waited eagerly for the next book. And I have to say Scribbles 11: Escape, has not disappointed. What a thriller!
It was great to catch again with Meg MacAllister, and a character I loved in the first book, Granny Mac. However, it’s important to state that Scribbles 11 stands alone, as the author ties things up nicely. But I would certainly suggest reading both the books, as they are great!
Scribbles 11 takes you on a heck of a ride. Meg and Johnny have recently married, and are off on their honeymoon, which quickly turns into a nightmare, as a black SUV is following them. They have no idea why, and so begins a race to escape it.
To make matters worse, whenever they stop for food or gas they see Johnny’s face splashed across the TV’s, proclaiming him to be a murderer.
Now they are forced to keep a low profile, and when they stop on the roadside and briefly leave their car, it is stolen by a couple of thieves. Their only choice is to take the old truck the thieves have abandoned, which without giving the story away, proves to work in their favour.
The story quickly hots up, culminating in a pretty shocking scenario. Frighteningly, it is something that God forbid, could so easily happen in this day and age.
It is hard to say more without giving away spoilers. Suffice to say Scribbles 11: Escape, was everything I’d hoped, and kept me reading late into the night…I’m not complaining. It’s a great thriller, and I highly recommend it.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Loved This!!

I loved this, it's become one of my favourite books. I wasn't sure when I first started to read it, as I thought it was about elves and such...not a subject I'm particularly interested in. I was imagining little people with long pointed ears, how wrong can you be!
To me this is very much an adult fantasy. The hero Duke Vahn is gorgeous! He's an Elva who are the superior race...tall, strong and elegant. Where as the Itzi are small, inferior and more often than not, slaves.
Kee a free Itzi is orphaned and chooses to become Duke Vahn's free will slave. Understandably, she falls for him. The Duke is a good man...authoritative, but kind and fair.

To me Kee epitomizes true self sacrifice and service. At first I found her irritating and annoying, but as I read on I grew to like her. She had great strength and integrity, both of which she certainly needs as the story unfolds.
This is the first of three books. I've read them all avidly and can't recommend them highly enough.
They are well written and challenge on the issues of prejudice, slavery and cruelty.


This short story is brill!!

Dust is brilliant! It's a short story, and on reflection probably just as well, due to the tension it engenders. It's a unique story! Well written and fast paced. It certainly makes you think. When I'd finished it, I found myself trying to figure out the best place to hide, if such a frightening scenario should happen in the here and now...scary thought.
Great story, I loved it.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Reading and Reviewing. .

I love to read, and I also enjoy reviewing books. Pretty much every book I read I review.
However, I like the whole process to be relaxing. I hate it when I feel under pressure to finish a book as quickly as possible.
That's fine if I'm not particularly enjoying it, but if I am, I like to savour a book and really let the story soak into my mind and imagination.
When reviewing, I always do my best to be fair and encouraging. Being a writer myself, I know how destructive a harsh review can be. Their is honesty, and then there's tearing an author's work apart...nit picking in some cases and making no attempt to repair the damage at any stage. No crumb of comfort to ease the authors damaged ego. Being creative, we are sensitive creatures.
Over the years of writing, I've had to acquire a thickish skin and broad shoulders. I've learned  reviews, valid though they are, are merely someone's personal opinion, and as such, will not effect my future as an author in any way. So, I shake my shoulders, brush myself off and keep writing. In the hope that one day I will produce if not a best seller, then certainly a book that makes an impact on those who read it.
So while I keep writing, I keep reading and reviewing. Learning from other authors, and I hope encouraging them along the way.
There are some great books out there, enough to keep me happy for many years to come. I look forward to the opportunity of reading and reviewing some of them; as I hope others will read and review mine.

Beautiful and Poignant.

Casa de Naomi by Paula Rose Michelson, is about Naomi a lovely young Jewish woman who due to unforeseen circumstances finds herself stranded and alone on Ellis Island...until an old lady named Tia rescues her. When I first started to read the book, I confess I thought the old lady along with help from the Ellis Island official was kidnapping Naomi. However, the opposite was true; Tia took Naomi home and looked after her. The old woman gave her a life and a future.
When Tia died, Naomi took over the work of helping the vulnerable young women arriving at Ellis Island. Sadly one day she rescued the wrong girl...Lola. What a nasty piece of work she is! I will say no more as I do not wish to give away any part of the story.
Casa de Naomi is quite the most beautiful and poignant story I've read in a long while. I found the style of writing both poetic and romantic. In some small way it reminded me of Song of Solomon.
Not one character, no matter how small the part they play in the story is side-lined. Each one is written with such depth. The author's portrayal of Spanish Harlem is so artistic; one can almost smell the food and spices in the market place.
This is a story based around the powerful human emotions of, deception, mistrust, love and betrayal.
It's a brilliant book, and really makes one think about the insidious evil that is anti-Semitism. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to read it. I can't wait to read book 2.

Drama after Drama Unfolds in its Pages.

This is a book filled with twists and turns. Drama after drama unfolds in its pages, keeping the reader glued.
To me the story was reminiscent of a dark mystery, with an equestrian backdrop.
The story centres around Katie and her return to Radbourne, her grandmothers ranch. A place she was banished from as a child, in dark and mysterious circumstances. The writing was so descriptive; I could almost see the ranch, and the beautiful Arabian horses.
At first, I found the relationship between Katie and her grandmother Francine a little tedious, but as I continued to read, it all became clear.
As for the foreman Jeremey, well what can I say? I wished I was Katie! This is a credit to the author’s great writing.
This a long story, nevertheless it held me. There were quite a few editing errors, which I found irritating...missing words for example; hence I felt I couldn't give the five stars I wanted too. This is down to whoever edited the book. I hope the issue is sorted, as I intend to read more by this author.
As I read I wondered how the story would end, I was not disappointed.
Ten Hours'Til Spring, is a great book, I recommend it.


A Great Read.

And Then Came a Lion by Cecilia Marie Pulliam is a great read. It's one of those books I was sorry to finish.
There were a few editing issues, nevertheless not enough to spoil my enjoyment of a really exciting story.
Susannah, the plucky heroin has a unique gift. She has dreams and visions of children being abducted by vile people. Because she sees the event ahead of time, she is able to rescue the children, all the while putting herself in grave danger.
This book tackles a subject that is very emotive. Yes, the story flows well, is fast paced, exciting, and filled with tension. However, I also found it challenging and at times moving. For me personally, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions, not least anger when you realise these awful things are happening in reality on a regular basis.
Like Susannah, I have to fight the hatred...the desire for revenge against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against little ones.
I guess from this you can see how much the story affected me!
On a lighter note; I loved Susannah's dog, a Brittany spaniel called Buddy. Having never heard of the breed, I did a search...they sound like a lovely family dog.
Ms Pulliam has great descriptive skill. The way she writes you can't help but get involved with each and every character, good and bad.
I enjoyed this book very much, and look forward to reading the sequel.

Not Bad At All.

I love the cover of the this book and the title : Seal of the King. It's what attracted me to get the book; as well as the Christian element in the story, which I liked.
Also, I liked the way the story began,it drew me in.
However, as I continued to read, there was to my mind, a lot of unnecessary detail, and because of that the story dragged in parts, which was a shame. I found myself skimming over a lot of it. Nevertheless, the description of places and characters was good. I could easily envisage the lair of the Dark One.
I don't mean to be picky, but some of the dialogue between the different characters was not separated, which I found confusing and somewhat annoying. It's one of the reasons I gave the book three stars, instead of the four I would have liked to give.
On the whole, the characters were well written and believable. I gelled with most of them, especially Aurora. She came across in a very real way.
But I struggled a bit with David. I didn't find him convincing; don't ask me why, perhaps he was just too perfect!
As for the Dark One. I instinctively hated him and yet found him fascinating.

From the way the story ends, it's clear there are more books to come in this series. So I will get the opportunity to find out what happens.

Aside from the issues I've mentioned, I have to say this is a good read. In parts exciting and gritty. It will be fascinating to see how the story continues to unfold in the ensuing books.