Monday, 29 April 2013

Awesome! Five stars for Dana Pratola's Descended.

I absolutely loved this book! So why did I take so long in getting a copy? Nevertheless, I’m so glad I did.


From the first moment the rich and mysterious Jet Cestone commission’s talented artist, Haven to paint a Mural for his grandmother, she is intrigued, and who wouldn’t be?

Jet’s character is so real…so powerful, he all but jumps off the page. I loved the way Haven coped with her feelings for him…held her own when confronted by a man so commanding and gifted. I also loved the sarcastic humour between them.

The characters are well written, and incredibly real. I found myself totally absorbed and involved in the story.

I’m a Christian, so tend to avoid romance novels as I don’t like overt sex in my books…any more than I like bad language, or over the top violence. So for me to read descended was a huge risk. But I’m so glad I trusted this amazing author.

Yes, Descended is steamy/gritty, but there is a Christian morality undergirding it.

If you like what I call sloppy/preachy Christian novels, then Descended is not for you. This book is challenging, and makes one think about the dark issues facing our world; while at the same time pulling the reader into a paranormal romance that will knock your socks off!

An awesome book, but be warned, you could find yourself reading it long into the night.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My five star review for High Desert Haven

5.0 out of 5 stars Most Enjoyable, April 17, 2013
By Yvonne Lee (United Kingdom)
This review is from: High Desert Haven (The Shepherd's Heart, Book 2) (Paperback)
I really enjoyed `High Desert Haven' the book is action packed from beginning to end.
As soon as John Trent snatched poor Nicky away from her family I was hooked. He takes her to his ranch, but then dies in suspicious circumstances, leaving Nicky to run the ranch and care for their baby son.
Nicky's natural instinct is to leave and return to her family, but she show true grit and decides to stay and run the ranch. She has two ranch hands but it's a big place so she advertises for more help, and along comes the gorgeous Jason.
Things quickly hot up romance wise, but danger and tragedy are never far away.
The author, Lynnette Bonner has a wonderful way with words. I could almost see the beautiful sunsets...feel the desert heat.
Her characters are well written and believable. I certainly fell for Jason!
If you enjoy a good western adventure laced with romance and Christian truths, then you will love High Desert Haven.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

From the prologue of 'Luminare.'

A short snippet from the prologue of the book I'm working on. There will of course be changes when editing time comes around. At the moment, Luminare is the title, but that too may change as the story progresses. With most of my books, I had the title before the book was written, but not this time.




The moment King Murkier opened the cellar door the dank musty smell assailed his nostrils. Narrow stone steps descended into the bowels of castle Doomray. An occasional torch attached to the stone walls afforded a flicker of light. The King wrinkled his nose in disgust as he carefully negotiated the narrow slippery steps.  Resting a hand on the damp wall he gripped any protruding stone for added security, and tried to place his feet where the steps were widest and less worn down.  He reached the basement and sighed with relief.

As he wiped his hands on his cloak; a large rat scurried past. The rodent’s sudden appearance gave the King a fright and he lashed out with his foot. The rat squeaked in protest as it narrowly escaped a kicking from the Royal boot. The creature scooted down the dark passage and disappeared. “Clear off!” King Murkier snarled his face twisted in a grimace of disgust.

With his lips pressed tightly together, Murkier strode towards a large wooden door and lifted the heavy metal latch. He pushed the door open and stepped into a dimly lit room. The cavernous space resembled a cave; numerous stone pillars supported the low roof. The only light source was a few torches attached to the wall and a small fire in the far corner.

 King Murkier closed the door, frowned and put a hand up to his mouth. On the far side of the room he spotted a small grey haired man leaning over a small table. He was so engrossed in what he was doing; he was unaware of the Kings presence.

“What have you called me down here for?” King Murkier bellowed. Pulling a corner of his cloak over his nose to minimize the stench, he strode across the room.

Taken by surprise the small man started. “My Liege, forgive me! I had no idea you were here.” He fell to his knees and crawled towards the King.

“Get up man. What is so important you wished to see me at this hour?” He grimaced and pulled his cloak tighter over his nose and mouth. “This place stinks. Hurry up; what is it you want to tell me? And for your sake it better be good.”

The small man scrambled to his feet, his strange grey eyes clouded with anxiety as he gestured towards the table and urged the King to follow him. “Please, come see my Liege. What I have to show you is of paramount importance and most disturbing!”  

King Murkier grunted with impatience as he followed him to the table and watched him stare intently into a large round mirror.

“An hour ago I studied my mirror and saw a vision. Normally, as you know my Liege the visions I see are clear, but this time it was shrouded in a mist.” He ran a shaky hand across his mouth and glanced at the King.

The King straightened and frowned at him. “So why am I here?” He growled. “You just said you had something of importance to show me. So show me!”

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Face Book Review for Through a Glass.

What can I say! Just finished reading your book "Through A Glass" it arrived Saturday and I could not put it down! Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page! While reading someone posted this picture on my wall "Mercy Falls" maybe? May the Living waters continue to flow through you and your creativity be used to bless many others! Bless you and THANK YOU.

Calvin Allcoat.

This was on Face book. It's so encouraging to hear that a reader has enjoyed one's book. And especially awesome when they find a picture that for them depicts a scene in the story. And I agree, as the writer of the book, this scene certainly comes close to how I would see Mercy Falls in my mind's eye.
It is such a blessing when readers enjoy what you have written and take the time to let you know.