Monday, 30 September 2013

I gave this lovely book five stars.

Casa de Naomi by Paula Rose Michelson, is about Naomi a lovely young Jewish woman who due to unforeseen circumstances finds herself stranded and alone on Ellis Island...until an old lady named Tia rescues her. When I first started to read the book, I confess I thought the old lady along with help from the Ellis Island official was kidnapping Naomi. However, the opposite was true; Tia took Naomi home and looked after her. The old woman gave her a life and a future.
When Tia died, Naomi took over the work of helping the vulnerable young women arriving at Ellis Island. Sadly one day she rescued the wrong girl...Lola. What a nasty piece of work she is! I will say no more as I do not wish to give away any part of the story.
Casa de Naomi is quite the most beautiful and poignant story I've read in a long while. I found the style of writing both poetic and romantic. In some small way it reminded me of Song of Solomon.
Not one character, no matter how small the part they play in the story is side-lined. Each one is written with such depth. The author's portrayal of Spanish Harlem is so artistic; one can almost smell the food and spices in the market place.
This is a story based around the powerful human emotions of, deception, mistrust, love and betrayal.
It's a brilliant book, and really makes one think about the insidious evil that is anti-Semitism. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to read it. I can't wait to read book 2.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Through a Glass receives a five star review.

I am thrilled with this new review for Through  a Glass. We all get our share of negative reviews, so to receive a positive one is really encouraging. It's the ingredient that keeps us writing...knowing that a reader has enjoyed a book we have written, and takes the time to share their thoughts. Awesome!! :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Why are reviews so hard to get? A short gripe!

I'm an avid reader...not only that, every book I read I take time to review, because as an author myself I know how important they are. A positive review is like an injection of encouragement, the push needed sometimes to keep us going.
Even a negative review is welcome, because it shows someone who read our book has taken the time to express their thoughts about it. Even with a negative review there are things that can be learned, helping us perhaps to see things from the readers point of view. All input is valuable...unless of course it is vicious and merely seeking to cause hurt.
I struggle to understand why someone can't take a few minutes to write a few words about a book they've read. After all a review on Amazon only has to be a little over twenty words, so not much to ask.
Reviews are an important aid in finding a good book to read. I personally find them invaluable. When I'm interested in a certain book I scan the reviews to give me an idea as to whether it's the sort of genre I'll enjoy, and if the content is the sort of thing I would read; as I don't like overt sex, violence, or bad language in the books I read. So you can see how a review would be helpful to me.
Nevertheless, more than anything, we authors badly need reviews, need the encouragement. It's so good to hear that someone you don't know, and may never meet has read and enjoyed a book you have's awesome!
Gripe over. I have a book to finish and a review to write!

Secrets by the River.

Here's where you can find more great books by author Terri Marie.

Five stars for Secrets by the River by Terri Marie.

I loved ‘Running from Beige.’ It was an emotional and rewarding read. So, as I eagerly waited for the sequel, ‘Secrets by the River,’ I wondered if it would be as good. I needn’t have worried, it was awesome…so exciting, a real page turner.

I loved catching up with these three brave women, Connie, Karen and Suzy. What they had to go through in Running from Beige was pretty awful, but in this wonderful new story; words fail me!

I’m a Christian, nevertheless I couldn’t help hating Sara…hoping with each page I turned that she would get her come-upance. I found myself rooting for the three brave friends as they struggled to help each other and family.

This story is filled with so much action and emotion I was quite exhausted by the time I finished the book.

If you enjoy suspense and excitement then this powerful story is for you.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My four star review of Ark of Rest by Jimmy A Garland

I really enjoyed this book. I hope that comes across in my review of it.

Ark of Rest is not a long book, and as I read I found it was not quite what I expected. However, I was not disappointed. It gripped me, and I couldn’t stop reading.

I loved Coy and Beth; to me they were like Noah and his wife, which is understandable as the book is about an ark or in this case a rocket. However, they also made me think of Abraham and Sarah, because like Sarah, Beth gets pregnant in her old age…very old age!! I know she desperately wanted a child, but for a while there I wondered, what is the point? But it’s all made clear at the end.

And what an end! I can’t say much as I don’t do spoilers. But the end is graphic and well written; it sure does make you think.

As I say this is not a long book, and it’s not as apocalyptic as perhaps I expected, and yet it is strangely gripping which is as much to do with good writing and character portrayal as anything else.

Ark of Rest is a really good story, one I can recommend.

[The book can be found on Amazon.]