Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Secrets by the River. A Real Page Turner!

I loved `Running from Beige.' It was an emotional and rewarding read. So, as I eagerly waited for the sequel, `Secrets by the River,' I wondered if it would be as good. I needn't have worried, it was awesome...so exciting, a real page turner.
I loved catching up with these three brave women, Connie, Karen and Suzy. What they had to go through in Running from Beige was pretty awful, but in this wonderful new story; words fail me!
I'm a Christian, nevertheless I couldn't help hating Sara...hoping with each page I turned that she would get her come-upance. I found myself rooting for the three brave friends as they struggled to help each other and family.
This story is filled with so much action and emotion I was quite exhausted by the time I finished the book.
If you enjoy suspense and excitement then this powerful story is for you.


My review for World at War by Pam Funke

I can't say I enjoyed World at War by Pam Funke. But then I guess it's not so much a story to enjoy, as to make one think. And that it most certainly does.
For me personally, I found the number of characters in the book quite confusing. Nevertheless, I was impressed at the way the author develops each one. It's as though the book contained short cameo's tracing the different lives of those involved in the story. But as I say, I found it hard at times to keep up with them all.
The beginning of the story was inspired...sending dud rockets at different nations to instigate a real war was a clever idea. I also liked the man or angel, who appeared at certain times through the book, bringing comfort to those who were struggling or dying.
For my personal taste, I found the chapters were too long. Nevertheless, the book is thought provoking and on the whole well written. There were a few grammar issues, but they didn't put me off. As I'm not from the US, I made allowances, as there are some differences between the UK and the US.
The way the story ended took me by surprise, but it would be a spoiler if I commented!
On the whole, World at War is a thrilling end times story.

I received this novel in exchange for an honest review.


A wonderful five star review for Through a Glass.

YI Lee captured me with her storytelling abilities with her first book, The Shadowed Valley. I have all her books, including A Rat and a Ransom in paperback. In Through a Glass, I turned the page and ended up reading until 4am! The entire story idea was very unique and not many can give such animated life to both four legged and winged friends as good as this author can.

In Through a Glass, it'd be hard for me to pick favorite characters, but I know that Stagman ranked right up there. The journey into beautiful, and some frightening cities was a page turner. The evil forest was a place I could picture so well. All that darkness and those dang trees! YI Lee does a great job at making the reader experience it all.

Irene, the main character, is an artist who ends up being transported into her painting. As the journey unfolds, there are lots of surprises, and the biggest one, I never saw coming at all. Faith is a theme throughout, and it was a breath of fresh air to witness love, deception, evil, goodness, and new friendships described so wonderfully. One of the characters I won't name, but I will always remember his beauty...

If only we could all soar like Zenith. I really wish this book was a series. It was hard to say goodbye to all the delightful characters. They worked as a team, and the plots were created by such a great imagination!

I will forever recommend this book. I can't wait until I can place this paperback beside the others!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

A new five star review for Through a Glass.

I'm thrilled with this new review for Through a Glass.

This is my third book by YI Lee, and it is by far my favorite. And not just because of the horses. Although I've never seen a glass horse quite like the author describes, her rich use of senses and descriptions make me feel like I have. YI Lee is a master of dark allegorical fantasy. Like CS Lewis or Lewis Carroll, her character finds herself falling into another, stranger, fantastical world, where she must complete a task, because she is the only one who can do it. But then unlike Lewis or Carroll the world built beyond the glass is not silly or childish, it is dark and scary with creatures that screech in the night and threaten to steal your heart and soul. And it's not a child who is chosen to overcome herself, it is a full-fledged adult with deadlines to meet and a wee bit of a drinking problem.

All these things make Through a Glass more real for me. A less than perfect person finding the strength within herself to do incredible, self-sacrificing things and becoming more than she ever thought she was. Lovers of Dark Fantasy do not want to miss this one, especially if they like a spark of inspiration added in.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sanctuary By Pauline Creeden: Awesome!!

Sanctuary by Pauline Creeden is brilliant. It kept me up most nights way passed my bedtime.  I got so involved with the characters I couldn't stop reading. The story is a great mix of horror, suspense, faith and a touch of romance. In parts it was so frightening; I found myself fearfully clutching my kindle, and wondering; what's going to happen next.
I like the way the author Pauline Creeden structured the book, giving each character, Jennie, Hugh and Brad their own chapters, and then bringing it all together at the end. It worked really well.
I loved Jennie, she is strong, but normal...not some over the top unrealistic female heroin. I really related to her. I could feel her fear, distress and vulnerability.
The book is so well written; I cared for every character, which added to my stress levels when something bad happened to them.
I'm not sure I would have been as brave as Jennie under such circumstances. As a Christian, I found this book challenging on many levels.  How unselfish and compassionate would I be in the same situation? How would I honestly respond if someone I cared about was in such terrible danger?
While reading it, and even now, I find myself wondering where I would hide if such a scenario should happen here and now. Talk about a roller coaster ride of high adrenalin and abject fear!
I'm not generally a fan of zombie stories, but this really grabbed me, and to say I was fed up when I finished it is an understatement! I really, really hope there is a sequel.
Sanctuary is so good I would have given it ten stars if it were possible.  Do I recommend it? You bet!