Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rosings: Pride and Prejudice Continues by Karen Aminadra

Most Enjoyable,

Most enjoyable. My four star review for 'Rosings: Pride and Prejudice Continues' by Karen Aminadra.

I loved Charlotte [Pride and Prejudice] and really looked forward to reading Rosings [Pride and Prejudice Continues.] I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but on reflection I do prefer Charlotte.
In Rosings a few things didn't quite jell for me. Why would an overly protective mother, inflict a group of men who are basically bounders and cads onto a daughter she professes to love and care about, in a desperate bid to marry her off. Their disrespect for Anne was evident from day one, even down to calling her Anne, rather than Miss de Bourgh, which would be the polite way to address someone in those days.
However, I did like the new vicar, James, and his father Henry. In some ways Henry's character appeared more fleshed out than James. I found myself wanting to know more about James...hoping to see the romance between James and Anne blossom. Sadly towards the end of the book the romance between them seemed a little hurried.
Nevertheless, as usual the author Karen Aminada has written an extremely enjoyable book. And most of the characters are well fleshed out and believable.
I loved the change in Lady Catherine and am hoping the author will continue with the saga and perhaps bring her Ladyship and Henry Watkins together? No harm in hoping!
Rosings is good, and I recommend it.