Tuesday, 14 April 2015

At last RAT RUN has a cover.

I'm delighted with the cover for my latest children's book, RAT RUN.
I'm hoping to publish in a month or two.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Rat Run, a snippet.

This is a short snippet from my latest children's book, RAT RUN. With one of the black and white illustrations I've drawn for it.
I'm hoping to publish in the summer.

It was too dark to see much, but his ears twitched to a strange sound coming from his right. Straining to see, Timere blinked. He could just make out a large rock, with a strange pattern on it. Creeping closer, he cringed, the hair rose on the back of his neck. Huffing with fear, his eye widened in disbelief…sticking out of the rock, were thick scaly legs with long claws.

To make matters worse, the rock moved. Using its strange legs, it turned towards him; a large scaly head with small beady eyes emerged from inside the rock and stared at him.

With a frightened squeak, Timere flattened his body to the ground. Narrowing his eyes, his long tail twitched, as he bravely prepared to defend himself. Holding his breath, he hoped the strange creature couldn’t see him. However, his hope was dashed, as the stone spoke.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

An Excellent Review for GATHER STORM.

4.0 out of 5 stars a solid fantasy novel, April 4, 2015
This review is from: Gathering Storm (Through a Glass) (Volume 2) (Paperback)
I really enjoyed reading the second book in the Through a Glass series by Y.I. Lee. It is in a genre I normally enjoy and this book did not disappoint. The story had some nice new touches and felt much stronger overall than the first book. The first book was good, but this one was even better. If there is a third book in this story-line, I'm sure it will improve yet again as this author seems to be gaining in her ability to weave a compelling story with each story she writes.

The book's appearance:
I think the cover is perfectly suited to the story-line. And the interior formatting is well-done.

The editing/proofreading:
There were some grammatical mistakes, which, as an editor, I couldn't help but notice, however, there weren't enough of them to pull me, as a reader, out of the story, and thus not enough to affect my rating of the book. Most readers probably won't even notice them.

The story:
I had trouble really sinking into the story in the beginning. As with the first story in the series, I did not find myself as pulled into the scenes of Irene in the "real" world before she enters into Stagman's world and felt that it was taking too long. Not being as emotionally invested in Irene's ex or her agent/friend's lives, I didn't feel the need to read as much about them. (And her agent annoyed me with how much she kept pushing the love-interest.)

I love the interactions between Irene and Stagman, although I thought he was often a bit too overbearing and controlling. I was relieved to see that, although Irene stayed true to her character in that she was rather meek in personality, there were times where she came out of her submissiveness a bit in this story and asserted herself more. It was like watching her grow as a person between one book and the next. I like that the action started to come much more quickly as the story went along.

There were moments when emotions were pulled from me as I read the story and, by the time I finished the novel, I was sorry to come to the end.