Monday, 29 August 2011

A New Book Cover

I'm so glad I've chosen to self-publish. I wasn't sure at first, but having worked with Create Space, I now know I've made the right decision.
The new cover for the 'Shadowed Valley' is great I'm thrilled with it. I'm particularly pleased to have been able to use one of my paintings. It's so expressive of the book.
Now I wait patiently for my proof copy, and once it's all checked through it will be all systems go. I confess, I'm excited.


  1. Hi -

    That cover photo certainly engages. It speaks indeed.

    I was led here after I read your review of 101 Faith Notes on Smashwords. What you expressed impressed me; that led me to learn more about you.

    Thank you for your review and for what you do to contribute to the betterment of our Lord's earth.

    My name is Sandra Renee Hicks and you're invited to view my e-books on Smashwords...

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Your kind words touched me. I would be delighted to view your books on Smashwords.
    Thank you for your encouraging comments.

    Yvonne :)

  3. Dropped by today, Vonnee, from
    Great blog!