Friday, 9 December 2011

The Forward for my New Book. Out Soon

I am thrilled with this Forward for my soon to be published book 'A Rat and a Ransom.'

I had been eagerly awaiting the latest book by Yvonne I. Lee. The title alone meant I was keen to read ‘A Rat and a Ransom’ and I was not disappointed.

Whether read by those age 8 to young teens, or older readers, attracted, like myself, by the title, it is indeed a story which will strike a chord with a majority of readers.

There is tension from the start and we immediately sympathise and identify with Tom regardless of his privileged life.

Tom’s desire to have a pet to call his own consumes him. How he eventually has one is an ingenious plot twist.

Yvonne specialises in subtle allegory and as in her other books, the story is multi-dimensional, with an air of mystery combined with tense and sinister undertones.

The narrative draws the reader in so they become totally immersed in Tom’s situation. There are heart-stopping moments of danger and suspense and the unexpected ending stirs emotions.

It is a joy to read a book where rats receive such positive publicity and Yvonne’s descriptions of the rat in her book are true to life, with the real understanding which comes from experience, knowledge and accurate observation.

Whilst the book isn’t all about rats, it may help fancy rats to be accepted as the clean, intelligent and loyal pets that they are.

A rat and a ransom? – Worth every penny!

Lesley Mackness is a former publicity officer for the Midlands Rat Club. She is a regular contributor and book reviewer for the magazines of the National Fancy Rat Society and the Midlands Rat Club.

Having first kept fancy rats as a teenager, Lesley returned to rat-keeping when she had children of her own with whom to share the joys of rats.

Living in Shropshire with her husband Robin and a mischief of fancy rats and mice, she has had a life-long love of wildlife and writes a monthly wildlife piece for her village magazine.

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