Thursday, 26 January 2012

Great For A Rat and a Ransom.

I thrilled with this review for my latest book.

"A Rat and a Ransom" - worth every penny!, January 26, 2012

This review is from: A Rat & A Ransom (Paperback)
I had been eagerly awaiting the latest book by Yvonne I. Lee. The title alone meant I was keen to read `A Rat and a Ransom' and I was not disappointed.
Yvonne specialises in subtle allegory and as in her other books, the story is multi-dimensional, with an air of mystery combined with tense and sinister undertones.
This latest book offers another intriguing story with an unusual and enticing title, written with the real understanding which comes from experience, knowledge and accurate observation.
Whether read by those age 8 to young teens, or older readers, attracted, like myself, by the title, it is indeed a story which will strike a chord with a majority of readers.
There is tension from the start, and Y.I. Lee evokes real sympathy for Tom, the only, often lonely, child, with an all-consuming desire to have a pet.
The unexpected way Tom finds `Mask' is a nice touch, and the joy of having a pet - something that is truly yours - is universal.
The narrative draws the reader in so they become totally immersed in Tom's situation. There are heart-stopping moments of danger, suspense and nightmare scenarios whilst the unexpected ending stirs emotions.
The story is cleverly crafted so that it could have been taken in different directions and made into a totally different story if the author had chosen.
In this reader's opinion "A Rat and a Ransom" is certainly worth every penny!

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