Sunday, 23 September 2012

A New Review for The Shadowed Valley.

I'm delighted with this new review for my novel 'The Shadowed Valley.'

My Review: Things aren't always what they seem in this adventure filled Christian story by Yvonne Lee. The story first starts you off in Australia with a man named Jack getting a startling letter. Then you're off to London where you're thrusted into the a world of darkness. There you meet a young girl named Celia, who awakens in a horrible unknown land. She finds out she must embark on a journey to the Kingdom of Light where she will awaken and all her worries will be gone. Thankfully Celia is not fully alone on her journey as she has her trusty steed, Sunrise and then is later joined by a young man.All three must face the Dark Valley to reach the Kingdom of Light and salvation. Things aren't that easy as there are those who do not want them to succeed. There are two major villains in this book, Lord Noskard and a necromancer. Celia must battle them both in order to reach her destination.

At first I had no idea that this was a Christian/ religious book. Yvonne Lee gradually incorporates it into the story and towards the end you are fully aware of the religious undertones. I normally wouldn't read a religious book as I, myself, am not very religious at all. Even though it would be classified as a Christian book there is enough adventure, twists, and depth to make it so much more.Sure there were times where I thought, things can't really be that easy, but if you are a person of faith I suppose they are.

Overall this was a great book about faith, perseverance, and trust. Its a great read for kids and adults alike and I think you'll enjoy it, even if you aren't religious.

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