Friday, 5 October 2012

My review for Sequester-Is the End Nigh? by Colin Owen

4.0 out of 5 stars Exciting and Atmospheric!, October 5, 2012

This review is from: Sequester - Is The End Nigh? (Paperback)
I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book, as most of the action takes place in space. But it turned out to be a great read, fast paced and extremely atmospheric. So much so, I could almost feel the darkness of space and the frustration and fear of the space-ships crew as they try to distroy a huge asteroid that threatens earth.
The book was well written and the characters were real. I found myself worrying for each one as they struggled to complete their mission and stay alive.
I would have given 'Sequester-Is the End Nigh?' five stars, but for the fact that sometimes I was in space, and then suddenly found myself back on earth with the scientist, which spoilt the flow of what is a brill story. More seperation between pov's would have been good.
Nevertheless, this is a really good novel, and I must say, would make a great movie. I know there have been numerous disaster movies about asteroids threatening to hit earth. But believe me 'Sequester' comes at the subject from a different, and quite surprising angle.
The twist at the end is brill!!!

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