Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Soon to be re-published.

My next fantasy 'Through a Glass,' will be published in a couple of weeks. All I have to do now is proof it. Then, that's it, my third book will out in the big wide world.
The birth of a new book is always exciting, yet at the same time daunting. I suppose because that's when the real work begins... promotion!
Like most authors it's not something I enjoy, it doesn't come naturally. I just want to write! But sadly it has to be done. People can't buy a book if they don't know it exists.
This is the second edition of 'Through a Glass,' and it has been a labour of love. 
Since I first published the book, as a newbie writer, I've learnt so much. Over this last year, I have given my time to the re-writing and editing of it. All of which I hope, has made 'Through a Glass' a well written and exciting novel.

'Through a Glass' is written for young adults, but I hope it will be read and enjoyed by all ages.

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