Thursday, 9 January 2014

I loved this book. Gave it Five Stars.

Descended ~ Sebastian by Dana Pratola is wonderful.

Having read and loved the first book Descended ~ Jet, I wondered how I would feel about the authors second book in the series…I loved it!

Mind you, I am still loyal to Jet. Something about his particular character struck a chord with me.

Sebastian is wonderfully witty, gifted, and gorgeous; but for me he didn’t have Jet’s mystique and authority.

Now, this is not a criticism. It is simply, the author writes so well, that I find myself totally involved with these two fascinating characters. And I couldn’t help comparing them.

In this book, Sebastian teams up with Jet to save two young women trapped by evil men in the sex trade. Sebastian falls in love with one of the woman, Natalie, a beautiful redhead. I really liked her character. She is the perfect foil for Sebastian.

I loved the sarcastic humour between Sebastian and Jet, and often found myself laughing.

If you enjoy a clean Christian romance, that is gritty and edgy, you will love, Descended ~ Sebastian.

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