Wednesday, 9 April 2014

An unedited snippet from the book I'm working on : Crystal Rose.

Zatao took an inaudible breath. She was beautiful. Her large grey eyes stared into his; reflecting the colour of her dress…bluer than the sky on a summer’s day. Her waist length hair, shone as black as a ravens wing. Zatao’s pulse raced, he wanted to brush the beads of sweat from his top lip, but his arms refused to move.
The silence in the room was as heavy as a wet blanket. Queen Ballista knew she had them all in her power. The desire to laugh was overwhelming, but she maintained an expression of sweet serenity. “Will you show me mercy, My Lord?” she asked again.
To Prince Zatao and the men with him, her voice sounded as soft as a kittens purr.
Smiling sweetly, she raised a hand.
Prince Zatao reached down took the proffered hand, and gently raised her to her feet.
Holding his hand in both of hers, Queen Ballista moved in close, so close, Zatao could feel her warm breath brush his neck.
Wrapping an arm round her slender waist he drew her closer. The feel of her body tight against his, made him breathless. Tightening his grip, he stared into her face.
Ballista returned his gaze, her triumphant smile fading as she stared into his dark merciless eyes. A sudden searing pain in her left side, made her cry out and clutch at his shirt front

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