Friday, 3 October 2014

Excellent. This is a really good story.

This is Nate Roten's debut novel. It was among a number of books put forward for a vote. It won. Having voted for it myself, I received a copy to read and review. I'm glad I did, because this is a great read. The writing style is fast paced, pulling the reader ever deeper in. Okay, in the beginning, it's a bit slow going; but boy, once it gets moving!!

I'm not going to do a breakdown of the story, as others have already done that. Suffice to say, the story revolves around young Graham, a fifteen year old orphan with incredible powers. Graham knows that two mysterious people Chase and Cavaness hold the answers he needs to his nightmares and the strange powers...powers he can't control, and that he fears will harm those around him.
With his best friend Damien, he goes in search of Cavaness, but the boys find more than they bargained for.

Every character in the book has great depth, there was not one I could say was weak and unconvincing; even those with a minor role to play. I particularly loved little Ailey. She was basically silent, being a mute; but boy, did she make her presence felt.

However, I do have one complaint. In parts, I found myself editing! Which was annoying and a shame, as this is an excellent story. It's the reason I gave the book four, instead of five stars; which to my mind it deserved.

Aegis: Catalyst Grove is excellent and one I recommend. The way it ended, I know there is more to follow...great!!!

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