Sunday, 7 December 2014

Gathering Storm...FREE

What with editing and illness, it has taken a while to get Gathering Storm, the thrilling sequel to Through a Glass, published. However, at last the book is out there and doing extremely well.

The book will be free on Amazon Kindle, from Sunday Dec 7th until Dec 11th. I hope readers will take this opportunity to grab a copy of this dark, exciting fantasy.


A few years have passed since Irene left Stagman and returned to her own world. In that time, her love for him has not diminished.

 Driven by desire to be with him; Irene goes in search of her painting, Through a Glass. Sold in an exhibition, Irene has no idea where it is. She must find it! The painting is a portal, her only way to return to the man she loves. But will he be waiting for her as he promised? Will she have the courage to take that step of faith and return to him? Knowing there will be no way back.

 Irene is blissfully unaware that returning to Stagman will plunge her into grave danger...unaware she will be a pawn in the hands of an evil tyrant. A King, whose only desire, is to destroy the man she loves.

 Will Irene's return be the catalyst that plunges Stagman's world into war and tragedy?
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