Sunday, 21 June 2015

My four star review of THE FAITH of ASHISH.

India is not a country I have ever wanted to visit. Even more so, when you see and hear what goes on there in the news...the treatment of woman!
However, the cover of the book and the blurb attracted me.

This is the story of Virat, Latha and their sweet little son, Ashish. They are untouchables and are forced to live a life of poverty and degradation. One day little Ashish is thirsty and drinks from a certain well. Doing so, means he has polluted the water. He receives a sever beating from the high cast men of the village.
In desperation, his father Virat seeks help from a rich landowner, Mammen Samuel...unaware that doing so, will plunge his family into slavery, with no way of escape!

From the very beginning, I found myself drawn into this often sad, and in some ways shocking story of mans inhumanity to man. While at the same time, I learned a lot about Indian customs...the cast system, and the hierarchy of Indian life.

THE FAITH of ASHISH, is not a particularly easy read, but I found it honest, in parts gripping and with good character portrayal.
A little extra editing would not have gone amiss, nevertheless this is a good story...a story with a message.

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