Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My new cover and Introduction for Through a Glass.


This is the introduction and cover for my book 


This little story is true, and is the inspiration for my book 'Through a Glass' due to be published in a couple of months. It's a fantasy/ adventure, to be enjoyed by those who are twelve or twenty.

The way things happen sometimes is truly miraculous. Being a Christian I don’t believe in

When my family and I moved next door to an elderly lady called Emily, little did I know the profound effect she would have on my life.

If you will bear with me…I would like to share my inspiration for this novel.

Emily suffered with arthritis and badly swollen legs. She was in a lot of pain and pretty much house bound. Overtime, as we got to know her and became friends, I would do her shopping and a little bit of house cleaning.

In her tiny front room on a deep windowsill, she had a lot of ornaments, which I would wash for her. Among them was a pretty glass horse. It was coated with something that changed colour according to the weather. Emily always reminded me not to wash it, as she feared the coating would come off.

Being mad about horses I was naturally attracted to this small ornament. Emily, aware I liked it, would smile and say. ‘Who knows, one day it could be yours.’ Although she warned me not to bank on it, as she knew her estranged family might not honour her wishes.

A year or so later, I returned from shopping and found Emily had suffered a massive stroke. She was rushed into hospital, and sadly passed away a few days later. As predicted her family took everything. The small cottage was stripped bare. However, amazingly, left all alone on the windowsill was the little glass horse.

I rushed into the cottage and retrieved it. Tears streamed down my face, as I thanked God, and my friend Emily for the gift of the little horse. It really was a miracle, as I know Emily had no contact with her family before she passed away.

Now when I hold the glass horse I think of Emily, and the miraculous way God enabled me to receive what she wanted me to have.

The little glass horse became the inspiration for this novel, which I dedicate to Emily with gratitude and affection.



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