Tuesday, 18 December 2012

'Through a Glass.' Revised edition is Published.

I'm thrilled that my book 'Through a Glass' is at last re-published. It has taken almost a year to pretty much re-write and re-edit it.
It's been a hard lesson, but one I hope I've learned. From now on, I will not let a book go out unless it is as good as I can humanly make it.
I know there will always be those annoying little mistakes that slip through the net. No amount of editing and proofing will catch them all, even with at least three pairs of sharp eyes scanning the document.
As authors we must strive to do our best, because not only do our books deserve it, so do our readers! As self published authors, we have a mountain of scepticism and disrespect to overcome, and we can't do it with a rubbish product.
I want my books to be the best they can be, and I encourage other authors to aspire to the same.
I've read too many books to number, and I have to say that not one has been totally free of mistakes in one form or another, and that includes traditionally published authors.
Nevertheless, I do not wish to repeat this last year. So I shall do my best to make sure my future books are as good as they can possibly be.
Don't expect perfection, because nothing in this world is perfect! But you can expect a book that is well edited/proofed and a jolly good read.



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