Thursday, 3 January 2013

I gave this lovely book five stars.

I really enjoyed Sheila Hollinghead’s first book Thundersnow. So I was delighted when given a copy of Clothed in Thunder to read and review. However, this has in no way influenced my review.


Normally my favoured genres are fantasy and mystery, but since reading Sheila Hollinghead’s books I am now switched on to historical fiction.

It was lovely to follow Sarah Jane once again as she embarked on a new chapter in her story. Due to circumstances she’s had to leave her sick mother, and the farm she loves, to go with her young brother Zeke and live with their aunt Liz and Uncle Howard.

Sarah Jane finds life hard and struggles with her loneliness and the loss of her father. Added to that are her feelings for Michael, but he seems different, does she really know him after all? To compound her confusion, her nemesis Dan arrives on the scene. He seems different, but is he all he appears to be?

Will Sarah Jane fulfil her dream of becoming a veterinarian? And of the two men in her life, who will she choose? Michael the man she has always loved, or Dan who professes he has changed.

  This is a wonderful story of a young girls struggles as she grows into a woman. It’s a story of faith, of good friends, family, and a willingness to try and see the best in people.

This is such a good book; I loved it as much as the first one. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and I look forward to reading book three.

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