Saturday, 19 January 2013

Awesome new review for Through a Glass

I was thrilled when I found this review for my fantasy novel Through a Glass. It's always good when someone gets what you're trying to say. And this reviewer certainly did!

3.0 out of 5 stars An exciting , thought provoking read, 17 Jan 2013

This review is from: Through a Glass (Paperback)
A world through a mirror, talking animals, gruesome hideous beasts, evil trees and an important quest to be completed:Y I lee crafts an exciting and imaginative adventure that keeps you engaged until its triumphant conclusion.
Irene is a talented artist who paints with a mirror behind her to reflect the painting.She notices aspects of a painting that she definitely didn't create and ends up through the mirror and in the world of her own picture. There she embarks on an adventure with her new friend Stagman that aims to conquer the evil darkness in the land and release the kidnapped horse belonging to the prince of the land. The journey is often scary and dark with wonderful moments of peace and beauty and leading to......well you'll have to wait and see for yourself.
Y I Lee has a vivid imagination which lends itself to writing fantasy.In particular she excels at conveying fear and darkness through amazing descriptions of hideous creatures and evil events. The characters are warm and likable and the story is fast paced and easy to read.
The story is of course a christian allegory and Irene's journey is one of self discovery and, more importantly, discovery of faith in God even in the darkest and most discouraging of circumstances. Towards the end Irene needs to swing across a ravine on a rope[I think I can say that without a spoiler warning] and it reminded me of a line in a song I know.Our faith is like a rope and the song said "although a rope looks strong, you don't know how strong until you're hanging from it " Irene discovered her faith was strong enough and I guess Y I Lee is meaning to inspire the reader to test their own rope as it were.Other spiritual themes were the use of spiritual armour in our fight with the enemy.
YILee's writing is easy read and very simple and would, I think, suit young adults very well although adults and children of all ages would also enjoy it.Christians in particular would enjoy the biblical references and themes.I have given it 3 stars to show I enjoyed it very much and because I rarely give 4 or 5 stars,;only for literary masterpieces

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