Saturday, 2 February 2013

God's angels

God is good, and the angels were busy this morning, because hubby or I could be dead now or badly hurt! Our extremely heavy double glazed door that leads into our conservatory fell into the lounge. Amazingly, half an hour before it happened I was standing in front of it ironing, I was getting warm so opened it, Keith had nipped out, and so I was alone. He returned with some oil and decided to do the locks; I was upstairs putting my ironing away. He shouted to me and when I went down, to my horror there was the door lying on the floor. How I didn’t hear the crash I don’t know. But praise the Lord, Keith had been on the other side of it, and was okay, and amazingly nothing in the room was damaged. Between us we managed to lift it enough to rest it against the armchair. Then Keith went next door to our neighbour, a kind young man who came and helped. He and Keith managed to get it back up and temporally secured. But until it's fixed we can't go into our conservatory. There is definitely an assignment against us. The problems and dramas are nonstop. Can't think why, we're only a couple of oldies. But I guess anyone who belongs to the Lord whatever age is Satan fodder. BUT HE WON'T WIN. WE HAVE THE VICTORY IN CHRIST JESUS! A few days ago I might not have been able to say that with such conviction, as I was extremely low and floundering. But thanks to the anointed prayer of a dear sister, I am strengthened. So watch out enemy my anger is now focused and you are the target, and believe me you won't like it! God is the strength of my life and my peace. While all the drama with the door was going on, our doorbell rang. I went to answer it, and there was a young man standing there with a large box. I looked at him, and I looked at the box, and attempting to be nice and stay calm, I said, "I'm sorry we don't want to buy anything!" He looked at me, smiled and said. "I'm not selling anything. If this is...and he read out our address, and you are Mrs Lee, then this for you.” So I signed and took it indoors. Amidst all the chaos and angst, we had been sent a gift from a friend in Australia. Talk about timing. God is awesome!! :) The amazing thing is, this morning our daily reading was about the protection of Angels. We don’t see them, nevertheless they are there and the benefits they bring surround us every day. Psalm 91 :11 and Hebrews 1 :14

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