Monday, 29 April 2013

Awesome! Five stars for Dana Pratola's Descended.

I absolutely loved this book! So why did I take so long in getting a copy? Nevertheless, I’m so glad I did.


From the first moment the rich and mysterious Jet Cestone commission’s talented artist, Haven to paint a Mural for his grandmother, she is intrigued, and who wouldn’t be?

Jet’s character is so real…so powerful, he all but jumps off the page. I loved the way Haven coped with her feelings for him…held her own when confronted by a man so commanding and gifted. I also loved the sarcastic humour between them.

The characters are well written, and incredibly real. I found myself totally absorbed and involved in the story.

I’m a Christian, so tend to avoid romance novels as I don’t like overt sex in my books…any more than I like bad language, or over the top violence. So for me to read descended was a huge risk. But I’m so glad I trusted this amazing author.

Yes, Descended is steamy/gritty, but there is a Christian morality undergirding it.

If you like what I call sloppy/preachy Christian novels, then Descended is not for you. This book is challenging, and makes one think about the dark issues facing our world; while at the same time pulling the reader into a paranormal romance that will knock your socks off!

An awesome book, but be warned, you could find yourself reading it long into the night.


  1. I love a good clean book too. Nothing quite like a bad book ruining your day especially when it seemed like such a good book!
    It's good to hear that I'm not the only author who hates that stuff, thanks for reviewing this book! :)

  2. It's a brill book, Tayla. :)