Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Face Book Review for Through a Glass.

What can I say! Just finished reading your book "Through A Glass" it arrived Saturday and I could not put it down! Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page! While reading someone posted this picture on my wall "Mercy Falls" maybe? May the Living waters continue to flow through you and your creativity be used to bless many others! Bless you and THANK YOU.

Calvin Allcoat.

This was on Face book. It's so encouraging to hear that a reader has enjoyed one's book. And especially awesome when they find a picture that for them depicts a scene in the story. And I agree, as the writer of the book, this scene certainly comes close to how I would see Mercy Falls in my mind's eye.
It is such a blessing when readers enjoy what you have written and take the time to let you know.

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