Tuesday, 4 June 2013

STAND. A Word in Season!

God's word is always relevant in what ever age or time. STAND, is a word that is in my heart and keeps coming up at the different meetings we attend. I remembered one sun in church, God spoke prophetically through me, and part of what He said had to do with standing. Fortunately, we used to record anyone who had a word...type it out and test it!
I searched through the words given me by God and found it. Reading it again was amazing, as it was given on the 11th Feb 2007 and yet it is so relevant today. But I should not be surprised. If something is truly of God then it will stand the test of time. I know this was from God.
We are living in dark days and the body of Christ must stand together and stay strong. The enemy goes around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He uses many guises...other religions! Politics, atheism, secularism, even our family and friends. We must remain ALERT.

'Stand' God's word to our congregation. To all congregations. 11th Feb 2007

You will stand my children. You will stand strong when you bring my word, pray for the sick, deliver from demons. No longer will your bodies grow weak and fall to the ground under the presence of  My Holy Spirit. For the time is coming when you cannot fall, you must stand and deliver my words...move in my anointing.
A shepherd does not fall down among his flock. He walks among them with his rod and staff. He ministers to their needs, and instils them with confidence, and he leads them to still waters. No more falling down, now you are strong by My Spirit. Now you will deliver what is to be said, what is to be done in the power of Holy Spirit, and I will be glorified, and you will grow and grow in faith and in strength of anointing.
Be ever humble before Me my children; be ever humble. For there in lies the danger, remain close to Me and in My word, for there in lies your safety; and stand, girded with the whole armour of God. Stand and be ready for the time is coming. STAND!

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