Sunday, 2 June 2013

I've given Tamed by Sarah Witenhafer, five stars. It's a briliant read..

I'm so glad I responded to the recommendation to read Tamed by Sarah Witenhafeer. It was so good...had I the time I would have read it without stopping,I was so desperate to find out what happens.
This is a story of love, interlaced with the paranormal. Reign Phillips is an archaeologist and when her employer returns from foreign parts with interesting artefacts, Reign is understandably excited. However returning with her boss is the incredibly powerful and handsome, Damon Sarantos.
Damon, is fascinated by, Reign and determined to win her. The spiritual light surrounding her sooths and draws him. However, Damon is a Nephilim. While Reign lives life through her close relationship with God. It would seem impossible for them to come together. But then we are forgetting about the Grace of God!

My opinion: Positives. The story is fast moving and grips the reader from the first page. I loved Reign's strength of character...the way she held onto her faith, her compassion for other people, especially Hope, a troubled young girl. And the way she coped with, Damon was brilliant. Nothing about Reign's character irritated me. She was independent and hot headed, but her trust and loyalty to her God balanced it. A strong and well written character.
And what can I say about , Damon...WOW! Would I like to meet him? YOU BET I WOULD! I loved his interaction with, Reign, but I also enjoyed reading about his life in the Roman Legion. Which the author tied up beautifully at the end. Basically, there was not one character in the entire book that was weak, irritating, or badly written. Each one whether evil or good were well fleshed out and came across as so real.

Negatives: Nothing really. Although the ending was a bit disappointing and took me by surprise. I'm wondering if there is a sequel. I do hope so.
This is a great book. it's long and very satisfying, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I can't remember who suggested I read it, but thank you

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