Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My four star review of Ark of Rest by Jimmy A Garland

I really enjoyed this book. I hope that comes across in my review of it.

Ark of Rest is not a long book, and as I read I found it was not quite what I expected. However, I was not disappointed. It gripped me, and I couldn’t stop reading.

I loved Coy and Beth; to me they were like Noah and his wife, which is understandable as the book is about an ark or in this case a rocket. However, they also made me think of Abraham and Sarah, because like Sarah, Beth gets pregnant in her old age…very old age!! I know she desperately wanted a child, but for a while there I wondered, what is the point? But it’s all made clear at the end.

And what an end! I can’t say much as I don’t do spoilers. But the end is graphic and well written; it sure does make you think.

As I say this is not a long book, and it’s not as apocalyptic as perhaps I expected, and yet it is strangely gripping which is as much to do with good writing and character portrayal as anything else.

Ark of Rest is a really good story, one I can recommend.

[The book can be found on Amazon.]

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