Saturday, 14 September 2013

Why are reviews so hard to get? A short gripe!

I'm an avid reader...not only that, every book I read I take time to review, because as an author myself I know how important they are. A positive review is like an injection of encouragement, the push needed sometimes to keep us going.
Even a negative review is welcome, because it shows someone who read our book has taken the time to express their thoughts about it. Even with a negative review there are things that can be learned, helping us perhaps to see things from the readers point of view. All input is valuable...unless of course it is vicious and merely seeking to cause hurt.
I struggle to understand why someone can't take a few minutes to write a few words about a book they've read. After all a review on Amazon only has to be a little over twenty words, so not much to ask.
Reviews are an important aid in finding a good book to read. I personally find them invaluable. When I'm interested in a certain book I scan the reviews to give me an idea as to whether it's the sort of genre I'll enjoy, and if the content is the sort of thing I would read; as I don't like overt sex, violence, or bad language in the books I read. So you can see how a review would be helpful to me.
Nevertheless, more than anything, we authors badly need reviews, need the encouragement. It's so good to hear that someone you don't know, and may never meet has read and enjoyed a book you have's awesome!
Gripe over. I have a book to finish and a review to write!


  1. I agree. And I try to write reviews for the books I have read. I only review books I like though, not because I don't think I can help an author with a less-favourable review but because there are some authors out there who do not appreciate reviews unless they are positive ones. If I have read a book and haven't reviewed it, it usually means one of two things: 1 - I haven't had time to write the review or 2 - I can't honestly give the book a favorable review.

  2. I can agree with that, Becky. Although, I think with all the books I've read. I've only declined to review a few of them for the same reasons you state.

  3. Yes, the infamous reviews. Speaking as an author, I'd say I'd like to hear what people thought about my book. I won't love the negative ones, but they'll let me know what I need to improve for the next book.
    As a reviewer, I try to be honest, this is someone's hard work!

  4. Hi Tayla, How nice to see you. I was thinking of you recently...wondering how you are.
    Yes, the review question is a hard one. But as you say, even a negative one can be helpful and push us to improve our writing.
    On the subject of writing, I hope yours is going well.
    Great to hear from you. :)

    1. My writing is going well. My book will be published in 19 days(Happy dance) as I've been working towards getting I published my best reviews were the bad ones. I was angry and hurt when I got them, but that made me determined. The end result was much better than what I had before I got the bad review. In which case I thank my editor for never sugar-coating her words. :)

  5. Exciting to hear you'll be published soon, well done. I wish you every success with it.
    I'm glad the negative reviews have had the reverse effect, and fired you to keep going and improve your writing. I'm sure you'll get plenty of good reviews once the book is published.
    All the best.