Friday, 7 February 2014

A wonderful review, for Through a Glass. Fantastical Creatures.

Fantasy lovers, here’s a novel with fantastical creatures as well as real ones; eerie settings and true-to-life ones; frightening scenes and comforting ones. Irene and Stagman walk a frightening journey to rescue the prince. Lee tells her tale with a smooth flow of words and detailed descriptions. Some of her creatures are helpful and some oppose them and their quest. I hope you enjoy meeting Ezekiel, the white rat, as much as I did.

Even forest trees intrude into the lives of her characters, Irene and Stagman. Will they help or hinder? Will Irene and Stagman be able to rescue the prince in time? Will Irene and Stagman’s growing affection for one another turn into true love?

Enjoy a good read! Sylvia Stewart

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