Saturday, 3 January 2015

It's Obvious Really.

I've noticed just lately that friends...people who know me well, are saying things like, I can see you in the main character of your book. That's exactly what you would do, or say, and that's how you would react in that situation.

I'm pretty sure if I asked some of my author friends, if they get the same reaction, I bet the answer would be yes.

I take it as a positive. My friends know me well, and I consider it a complement that they see me in the characters I portray in my books. To me it's a form of honesty. It's not something I'm conscious of. I don't do it on purpose, it just happens.
I think with most authors, we put ourselves in the lives of our characters, it can't be helped. We all desire to write characters, that come across as believable and real. To achieve that, I believe some of the author's personality has to be seen in a character.

For example as a Christian, there are lines I won't cross, so obviously I'm not going to allow my characters to cross them. Sometimes in a given situation, I may allow them to dabble a toe, so to speak, but only so far, and no further. However, that doesn't mean my characters are weak and wimpy. I've had to dig deep sometimes, in an effort to plumb the darkness I need to express in a story...hence the need always to be honest.

We humans are complex creatures. Lets face it, we each of us are who we are through life's circumstances. A person who lives a dark and troubled life, will express that in their writing.
Before I became a Christian, I was in a very dark place, filled with anger and hatred. There's no doubt that would have surfaced in my writing.

I thank God for where He has brought me from. Nevertheless, I am not afraid to take my characters into a dark place...because I know the way out!
I like the fact my friends see me in my characters, and they're not wrong. After all, my characters are me in disguise. :)

I love to read, honest, gritty, Christian novels. Novels that tell it as it is...Truth!

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