Friday, 27 March 2015

My review of Replica by Lexi Revellian.

On the whole this was a good concept. Although the idea of a soulless clone is rather freaky! Because of that, I felt very little sympathy for Beth two, who is the clone of Beth one.
The original Beth has no idea her doppelganger is running around London, trying to keep one step ahead of MI5.
She runs rings around a totally inept agent called Nick, who's so busy getting cosy with the real Beth, he fails to catch the clone and deliver her to be studied and finally dispatched...allowing the real Beth to get on with her life.
Beth two constantly manages to elude him. In one way, that's what kept me riveted to the story, while at the same time I wanted to scream with frustration at him!
One thing I really liked...Beth Two was written in 1st person, while the rest of the book was in 3rd person. This worked really well, as I could distinguish between the two Beth's.
For me, the characters lacked depth, and I struggled to feel sympathy for any of them.
Also, the way the story ends, came as a bit of a shock...annoyingly so. Hence the 3 stars
Nevertheless, this is well written and has enough tension to keep one reading.

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