Sunday, 26 July 2015

A brilliant day at the Haflinger Horse show.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time at the Haflinger Horse show. The weather was perfect, in fact I caught the sun and have a red nose.
I was so excited when we arrived at the show ground, it was a sea of gold...gorgeous Haflingers everywhere! I got my camera and started snapping away.
I must say they are a very attractive breed of horse, and surprisingly versatile. They are know as carriage horses, but they are an extremely comfortable ride and also jump well.
My friends young mare, pictured below did extremely well, winning reserve best in show.
Best in show was the gorgeous stallion ridden side saddle.

 Me with my friends horse. She did so well, especially as it was her first show.
Reserve best in show.

Best in show, which was no surprise. This picture doesn't do him justice, he was gorgeous! Ridden beautifully, they were a good team and swept the board with prizes.
But my friends young mare did so well to come second to him.

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