Saturday, 1 August 2015

My review of A LESSER EVIL by Lesley Pearce.

It took me a few weeks to read this, as I found it a bit heavy going. But each time I began to flag, it hotted up again.
Parts of the story cover a theme that is gruesome, and sadly, is still happening today; in fact on a larger scale. Abuse and cruelty to children is sickening!
There were times when I was deeply moved, which is a credit to the authors writing skill.
On a negative note, I did not like some of the language used. I believe, with good imaginative writing, character emotions can be expressed quite adequately, without resorting to a plethora of bad language.
It spoilt, what was for me on the whole, an enjoyable parts, exciting, moving, and with well fleshed characters. The relationship between Fifi and Dan came across very well.
Not sure what genre this would come under, I guess it could be a romance, come thriller. There was a great twist towards the end. I didn't see that coming!
On the whole, a good summer read.

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