Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Five Star Review for 'The Shack, Merry and a Cat Named Cha-Moan.'

I gave The Shack, Merry and a Cat Named Cha-Moan by Terri Marie five stars.

What a delightful book this is. It’s a magical story, and the sort of book I would love to read to a grandchild.  I would want to read it to them over and over again!   
Terri Marie the author has an amazing imagination, and I love the book cover, very original and pertinent to the story. I found myself drawn to each character in the book. But I particularly loved young Ricky; he is so endearing and funny.
This is a story of true friendship and faith. A surprisingly powerful book, because I found it in places quite challenging. There were times I laughed and times I found myself moved to tears, particularly when each child explained why their individual treasure meant so much to them.  I found myself deeply affected by Allen’s reminiscence.
Like the gang, I couldn’t wait to get inside the shack and see what was in there. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I just loved the beautiful white cat Cha-Moan and Merry.
The thought that this lovely innocent world would be destroyed was awful. I felt quite exhausted for the youngsters as they struggled to save not only Merry and Cha-Moan’s world, but also their own world. Each time a treasure keeper was destroyed the town became a darker and more unpleasant place.
Merry had three rules, and rule number three struck a chord with me, as I can easily become discouraged. “Never give up believing in yourself.”
This book is full of love and encouraging truths. I recommend it not just for children, but to all who are young at heart.

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