Friday, 3 May 2013

Highly Original

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly original, May 3, 2013


This review is from: The Earth Painter (The Painter Series) (Kindle Edition)
The Earth Painter by Melissa Turner Lee, is a supernatural romance, and I loved it. It is certainly different!
The characters are so well written and will remain with me; especially, Theo! But so will the heroin, Holly. She's a strong character even though beaten down by her awful domineering mother, who goes out of her way to destroy the girl's confidence at every opportunity.
However one day at school while rehearsing a play, Holly meets Theo. Interestingly, no one else can see him. They grow close and Theo gives Holly the confidence she lacks; thanks to her mother.
Over time of course their friendship becomes something more. Which brings its own problems as Theo is an earth painter and not human.
The ending was fascinating and took me by surprise, so I'm glad it's a series, as I'm keen to know what happens, especially to Theo.
This is such a good book and beautifully written. I highly recommend it.


  1. What would you say is a well-written character? I try to keep my characters realistic (IE, no "the world's best swordsman" that drives me CRAZY!) but advice concerning this matter is always welcome, after all, it's difficult to see what's realistic and what isn't with your face right next to the screen. :)
    Thanks. :)

  2. Not an easy question, Tayla, as I think characterization can be personal to each author.
    For myself it's easier when my main character is female, as then I can look at myself and use my own reactions and feelings to flesh out a character. For me that makes them more honest and real.