Saturday, 24 August 2013

My review of 'The Unveiling' by Tamara Leigh

I struggled with this at the beginning. Due mostly to the old style of language, and for me confusion for a while as to who was who. However, as I persevered the story became clearer.
The book would have had to have been awful for me to put it aside, and it certainly wasn't that. In fact the more I read the more I liked it.
However, I really wish the author had written the characters thoughts in italics. It got a little confusing at times.
I found Annyn annoying, but warmed to her as the story progressed, and could understand her need for revenge.
I liked Wulfrith, he is quite a character, although his morality left a lot to be desired. Especially as he was supposed to be a devout Christian!I found it offensive that so called lower class women were fair game to Wulfrith and the other knights. Sadly, I guess it was common in the feudal system of Britain at that time.
I particularly liked Wulfrith's mother.I liked the way the author portrayed Wulfrith's reunion with her. The relationship between the two of them felt real.
This was not the easiest book to read, nevertheless I enjoyed it.

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