Friday, 13 April 2012

Four Star Review for 'The Serpent in the Glass.' A Good Read.

Young Thomas Farrell is orphaned and living with the Westhrops… a very strange family indeed. The poor boy seems to be more of a slave. His bedroom is in the loft and he’s forced to sleep in a dog basket. The only member of the family to show him any kindness is the Westhrop’s young daughter Jessica. She is around the same age as Thomas and is like a sister to him.

On Thomas’s eleventh birthday a strange man arrives at the Westhrop’s home with a letter—a letter that will change Thomas’s life. He is to go to Darkledun Manor, a school for gifted children.

I have to say I found ‘The Serpent in the Glass’ a bit slow, although well written and it was this fact that kept me reading. The writing was descriptive and on the whole the story flowed.  I’m glad I persevered, as towards the end it hotted up nicely! 

I liked young Thomas very much and really felt for him having to live with the likes of Mr and Mrs Westhrop. However, I particularly adored Penders, a boy Thomas meets and befriends at Darkledun Manor. Penders character and constant desire for food brought humour to the story. In fact the author’s portrayal of all the children and the other characters in the book was excellent.  
The story just dragged a bit for me; nevertheless a great book for children and those of us who are still young at heart.

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