Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Shadowed Valley. Review

A Review for my book The Shadowed Valley.

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Apr 19, 12

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The Shadowed Valley is a Christian novel. It is definitely an allegory of God's continued dominion over Satan and a reaffirmation of the power of faith. It does this very well. While I wasn't initially aware of it's religious bent, I also wasn't particularly bothered by it. But it does mean that I am not the intended audience. I, for example, found the continued assertion that someone else will always save you if are just willing to place yourself wholly under their protection cloying; even if that someone is the personification of the Lord. This isn't a criticism of the novel itself, rather an artifact of its appeal to a particular audience. There are those who will find such reminders of heavenly accompaniment familiar and enjoy the book more for it. The story is straightforward and easily followed. Someone looking for an enjoyable novel situated within the Biblical arena would likely enjoy this book.

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