Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Through a Glass has a four star review.

I'm delighted with this new review for 'Through a Glass.' Four stars as well, yeh!!!  :)

A great read, 17 May 2013

This review is from: Through a Glass (Paperback)
Through a Glass begins with Irene, a gifted young artist putting the finishing touches to her latest painting, using a mirror to help her with the picture's perspective. The mirror is the catalyst that draws, Irene into a strange and frightening world.
The narrative flows smoothly as the story unfolds, and Irene finds herself on a quest, involving a huge stag, a strange box and a glass horse.
A variety of creatures play their part in the book...not all are pleasant, chiefly the ersatz and goblins.
However, I grew particularly fond of, Ezekiel the white rat. His attempt at CPR to save Irene is both touching and amusing!
The novel ends on a positive note, concluding in such a way that there could be sequel. I hope so.
Fantasy is not generally my chosen genre. But I confess I enjoyed this. And as I read I thought what a good movie it would make.

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