Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My review for World at War by Pam Funke

I can't say I enjoyed World at War by Pam Funke. But then I guess it's not so much a story to enjoy, as to make one think. And that it most certainly does.
For me personally, I found the number of characters in the book quite confusing. Nevertheless, I was impressed at the way the author develops each one. It's as though the book contained short cameo's tracing the different lives of those involved in the story. But as I say, I found it hard at times to keep up with them all.
The beginning of the story was inspired...sending dud rockets at different nations to instigate a real war was a clever idea. I also liked the man or angel, who appeared at certain times through the book, bringing comfort to those who were struggling or dying.
For my personal taste, I found the chapters were too long. Nevertheless, the book is thought provoking and on the whole well written. There were a few grammar issues, but they didn't put me off. As I'm not from the US, I made allowances, as there are some differences between the UK and the US.
The way the story ended took me by surprise, but it would be a spoiler if I commented!
On the whole, World at War is a thrilling end times story.

I received this novel in exchange for an honest review.


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