Sunday, 13 October 2013

A new five star review for Through a Glass.

I'm thrilled with this new review for Through a Glass.

This is my third book by YI Lee, and it is by far my favorite. And not just because of the horses. Although I've never seen a glass horse quite like the author describes, her rich use of senses and descriptions make me feel like I have. YI Lee is a master of dark allegorical fantasy. Like CS Lewis or Lewis Carroll, her character finds herself falling into another, stranger, fantastical world, where she must complete a task, because she is the only one who can do it. But then unlike Lewis or Carroll the world built beyond the glass is not silly or childish, it is dark and scary with creatures that screech in the night and threaten to steal your heart and soul. And it's not a child who is chosen to overcome herself, it is a full-fledged adult with deadlines to meet and a wee bit of a drinking problem.

All these things make Through a Glass more real for me. A less than perfect person finding the strength within herself to do incredible, self-sacrificing things and becoming more than she ever thought she was. Lovers of Dark Fantasy do not want to miss this one, especially if they like a spark of inspiration added in.

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