Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sanctuary By Pauline Creeden: Awesome!!

Sanctuary by Pauline Creeden is brilliant. It kept me up most nights way passed my bedtime.  I got so involved with the characters I couldn't stop reading. The story is a great mix of horror, suspense, faith and a touch of romance. In parts it was so frightening; I found myself fearfully clutching my kindle, and wondering; what's going to happen next.
I like the way the author Pauline Creeden structured the book, giving each character, Jennie, Hugh and Brad their own chapters, and then bringing it all together at the end. It worked really well.
I loved Jennie, she is strong, but normal...not some over the top unrealistic female heroin. I really related to her. I could feel her fear, distress and vulnerability.
The book is so well written; I cared for every character, which added to my stress levels when something bad happened to them.
I'm not sure I would have been as brave as Jennie under such circumstances. As a Christian, I found this book challenging on many levels.  How unselfish and compassionate would I be in the same situation? How would I honestly respond if someone I cared about was in such terrible danger?
While reading it, and even now, I find myself wondering where I would hide if such a scenario should happen here and now. Talk about a roller coaster ride of high adrenalin and abject fear!
I'm not generally a fan of zombie stories, but this really grabbed me, and to say I was fed up when I finished it is an understatement! I really, really hope there is a sequel.
Sanctuary is so good I would have given it ten stars if it were possible.  Do I recommend it? You bet!


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