Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A wonderful five star review for Through a Glass.

YI Lee captured me with her storytelling abilities with her first book, The Shadowed Valley. I have all her books, including A Rat and a Ransom in paperback. In Through a Glass, I turned the page and ended up reading until 4am! The entire story idea was very unique and not many can give such animated life to both four legged and winged friends as good as this author can.

In Through a Glass, it'd be hard for me to pick favorite characters, but I know that Stagman ranked right up there. The journey into beautiful, and some frightening cities was a page turner. The evil forest was a place I could picture so well. All that darkness and those dang trees! YI Lee does a great job at making the reader experience it all.

Irene, the main character, is an artist who ends up being transported into her painting. As the journey unfolds, there are lots of surprises, and the biggest one, I never saw coming at all. Faith is a theme throughout, and it was a breath of fresh air to witness love, deception, evil, goodness, and new friendships described so wonderfully. One of the characters I won't name, but I will always remember his beauty...

If only we could all soar like Zenith. I really wish this book was a series. It was hard to say goodbye to all the delightful characters. They worked as a team, and the plots were created by such a great imagination!

I will forever recommend this book. I can't wait until I can place this paperback beside the others!


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