Monday, 22 September 2014

Reading and Reviewing. .

I love to read, and I also enjoy reviewing books. Pretty much every book I read I review.
However, I like the whole process to be relaxing. I hate it when I feel under pressure to finish a book as quickly as possible.
That's fine if I'm not particularly enjoying it, but if I am, I like to savour a book and really let the story soak into my mind and imagination.
When reviewing, I always do my best to be fair and encouraging. Being a writer myself, I know how destructive a harsh review can be. Their is honesty, and then there's tearing an author's work apart...nit picking in some cases and making no attempt to repair the damage at any stage. No crumb of comfort to ease the authors damaged ego. Being creative, we are sensitive creatures.
Over the years of writing, I've had to acquire a thickish skin and broad shoulders. I've learned  reviews, valid though they are, are merely someone's personal opinion, and as such, will not effect my future as an author in any way. So, I shake my shoulders, brush myself off and keep writing. In the hope that one day I will produce if not a best seller, then certainly a book that makes an impact on those who read it.
So while I keep writing, I keep reading and reviewing. Learning from other authors, and I hope encouraging them along the way.
There are some great books out there, enough to keep me happy for many years to come. I look forward to the opportunity of reading and reviewing some of them; as I hope others will read and review mine.

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