Monday, 22 September 2014

Drama after Drama Unfolds in its Pages.

This is a book filled with twists and turns. Drama after drama unfolds in its pages, keeping the reader glued.
To me the story was reminiscent of a dark mystery, with an equestrian backdrop.
The story centres around Katie and her return to Radbourne, her grandmothers ranch. A place she was banished from as a child, in dark and mysterious circumstances. The writing was so descriptive; I could almost see the ranch, and the beautiful Arabian horses.
At first, I found the relationship between Katie and her grandmother Francine a little tedious, but as I continued to read, it all became clear.
As for the foreman Jeremey, well what can I say? I wished I was Katie! This is a credit to the author’s great writing.
This a long story, nevertheless it held me. There were quite a few editing errors, which I found irritating...missing words for example; hence I felt I couldn't give the five stars I wanted too. This is down to whoever edited the book. I hope the issue is sorted, as I intend to read more by this author.
As I read I wondered how the story would end, I was not disappointed.
Ten Hours'Til Spring, is a great book, I recommend it.

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