Monday, 22 September 2014

Not Bad At All.

I love the cover of the this book and the title : Seal of the King. It's what attracted me to get the book; as well as the Christian element in the story, which I liked.
Also, I liked the way the story began,it drew me in.
However, as I continued to read, there was to my mind, a lot of unnecessary detail, and because of that the story dragged in parts, which was a shame. I found myself skimming over a lot of it. Nevertheless, the description of places and characters was good. I could easily envisage the lair of the Dark One.
I don't mean to be picky, but some of the dialogue between the different characters was not separated, which I found confusing and somewhat annoying. It's one of the reasons I gave the book three stars, instead of the four I would have liked to give.
On the whole, the characters were well written and believable. I gelled with most of them, especially Aurora. She came across in a very real way.
But I struggled a bit with David. I didn't find him convincing; don't ask me why, perhaps he was just too perfect!
As for the Dark One. I instinctively hated him and yet found him fascinating.

From the way the story ends, it's clear there are more books to come in this series. So I will get the opportunity to find out what happens.

Aside from the issues I've mentioned, I have to say this is a good read. In parts exciting and gritty. It will be fascinating to see how the story continues to unfold in the ensuing books.

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