Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Puzzling Reflection.

 This is a small section from my next book 'A Puzzling Reflection.' Hopefully it should be ready to publish within the next few months. I have to say I'm quite enjoying the editing process. I love spending time with these particular characters, especially Stagman. :)

The narrow tunnel appeared to have no end. Irene kept her head low to avoid contact with the roof.  In the thick darkness she could hardly see Stagman crawling ahead of her. The desire to panic was overwhelming. She hated heights, but closed in spaces truly terrified her.

The sharp stones and gravel on the tunnel floor bit into their hands and knees, making their progress tortuously slow.

Stagman groaned with frustration as he tried to secure the small torch between his teeth. The steel casing felt unpleasant in his mouth, putting his teeth on edge.  But without its fragile light, they would be in total darkness…not an option either of them would welcome.

“Are you okay?” Irene asked.

With a mouthful of torch, Stagman could only grunt a reply.

Irene crawled along behind him, desperately praying they would soon escape the claustrophobic darkness and emerge into the light. As she crawled behind Stagman her thoughts returned to the fateful day she finished the painting—the painting which had ushered her into this amazing but frightening world.